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100’s of business goals met every month!

Whatever you're looking for, we've got it.

SAP Consulting is one of the most rewarding and profitable fields of work.  Every industry requires SAP consulting services of some sort at any given time.  The Consulting Institute is dedicated to benchmarking and identifying talented individuals to become consultants. 

      Currently, our program is different in that we intend to develop, train, and cultivate an outstanding level of SAP consulting excellence with talented people.

      Our institute offers four distinct courses of study for consulting practice.  Each level reflects the knowledge, skills, and abilities required to become an effective consultant.  Our Houston-based office holds workshops, seminars, and clinics all over the United States.

      The current method for becoming a consulting presents many challenges.  That is why we have developed a successful formula for making that process easier.  The training staff and SAP consultants at the Institute have many years of experience and expertise in our field and we are sharing those experiences and lessons with people who are interested in an opportunity to become effective consultants.

       If you enjoy solving problems, travelling, working with people, helping organizations grow and profit, you probably have some of the key attitudes necessary to become a professional consultant

Industries We Serve
  • Customer Service

  • Sales

  • Help Desk

  • Office Support

  • Clerical & Administrative

  • Banking

  • Aerospace & Defense

  • Accounting

  • Manufacturing

  • Maintenance Tech

  • Warehouse & Distribution

  • Education & Training

  • Legal

  • Healthcare & Medical

  • Small business

  • Government

  • Technology

  • Automotive

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