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Dave Bergstrom

I would work with Elwanda Bennett again in a heartbeat! Her knowledge of SAP is what I would call "expert" and her teaching abilities are exemplary.


Beyond that, her sense of humor, and personality will take hold of you and have you hanging on every word she says. A great woman and a true professional to the core!

Carolyn Ashley

I had the pleasure of leading Elwanda for over 4 years. She helped me improve my leadership skills and develop better project management skills.


Her technical expertise, business acumen skills, analytical skills, and people skills are second to none. She has a genuine desire to build others up.

Keith Daniel

Elwanda’s technical experience, skill and professionalism still astounds me. She is a woman of her word and a very honest individual.


I highly recommend Elwanda for her knowledge in the PLM area and it would be a pleasure to work with her again.

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