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Medical Spanish

Spanish for Medical Professionals


Each course course has 25 chapters. In each chapter you learn 8 key phrases that you will use every day. Everything is designed to help you communicate with your Spanish–speaking patients.


Courses are instructor-led with additional practice offered completely online. You can study any time you want. There are no CDs or programs to install. For each chapter there are six learning activities. Each activity takes about 5-10 minutes to complete.

Activities 1-4 help you learn the material for that chapter. Activities 5-6 are cumulative reviews. These ensure that you won't forget what you have already learned!

Time Requirements

To qualify for a Certificate of Completion and Nursing CE* you must spend at least one hour per chapter (25 hours total). Your course will remain active for the full term of your membership, so you can continue to practice even after you finish and print your certificate.

Certificate of Completion

All of our courses include a Certificate of Completion. 

Spanish for health care. 

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